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BWLF has been dormant since 2018

Belmont Watertown Local First ceased operations in 2018.
This site remains up for historical reference, but is no longer maintained. Thanks for visiting.

Renew Bodywork Center for Wellness

Second Floor

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(617) 393-2208
69 Howard Street
Second Floor
Watertown, MA 02472

Renew Bodywork Center for Wellness is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the field of massage. Our goal is to establish balance in the human body with an emphasis on easing muscular tension and physiological stress. It is our belief that healing begins with you. As massage therapists, we simply assist your body’s natural ability to heal itself. We will address the individual needs of every client with the integration of skilled techniques and compassion. We are committed to inspire the awareness and change necessary for each person’s unique journey to wellness - a destination where there is balance of mind, body and spirit, and all things are possible.


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